4000 Series Camera Modules

These 4000 Series modules are equipped with a colour day/night CCD camera with auto iris lens, complete with either 6 infrared LED’s or 6 white light LED’s for illumination. The cameras also have a 10° horizontal and vertical adjustment.  The 4830/C module can be configured to work on systems with coax video signals (V/M) or on systems using non-coax video signals (balanced, V1/V2) by setting the video mode with the use of jumpers, whilst the 4330N/C camera module is specifically designed to work with the VX2300 “true” two wire BUS system. The modules also contain a heating element to prevent the camera lens misting (anti-mist resistor).

The camera modules usually work in combination with 4000 speaker modules and are fitted into a 4000 series housing frame:

  • For the 4830/C camera it can work in combination with the 4837, 4838 or 4203 speaker module.
  • For the 4330N/C camera it directly connects to the 4303N speaker module via a CNV connector.

The standard front plate finish is stainless steel, however modules are also available in anodized aluminium (/A) or high brass (/HB).

A wide angle camera is also available by adding (/W) to the product code.


  • CCD colour camera with auto iris lens
  • Infrared LED illumination (4830/C)
  • White light LED illumination (4330N/C)
  • 10° tilt angle adjustment (horizontal and vertical)
  • Wide angle camera option available (/W), 170° viewing angle (4830/C only)
  • Internal anti-mist resistor
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  • Camera Type: CCD colour camera with auto iris lens
  • LED Illumination: 6x Infrared LED’s (4830/C) or 6x white light LED’s (4330N/C)
  • Camera Angle Adjustment: 10° ball joint (horizontal & vertical adjust)
  • Wide Angle Option: Yes, 170° viewing angle (/W)
  • Input Voltage: 14-20Vdc (4830/C)
  • Input Voltage: 32-35Vdc BUS voltage via 4303N speaker module
  • Output 4830/C: Coax (V/M) or Balanced (V1/V2) 1Vp-p video (selectable)
  • Output 4330N/C: Direct CNV connection to 4303N speaker module
  • Anti-mist Resistor: Yes (internal)
  • 4830/C – 4000 series colour camera module (stainless steel finish)
  • 4830/C/A – 4000 series colour camera module (aluminium finish)
  • 4830/C/HB – 4000 series colour camera module (high brass finish)
  • 4830/C/W – 4000 series colour camera module with wide angle lens 170° (stainless steel finish)
  • 4330N/C – 4000 series colour camera module for the VX2300 system (stainless steel finish)
  • 4330N/C/A – 4000 series colour camera module for the VX2300 system (aluminium finish)
  • 4330N/C/HB – 4000 series colour camera module for the VX2300 system (high brass finish)