4000 Series Accessory Modules

A range of accessory modules for the 4000 series:

4846 – Back-lit information module suitable to display information such as a house name or operating instructions.

4846/UK – Information module modified for use with panel mount proximity readers from other manufacturers. Front is clear plastic and has facility for customers own graphics.

4846/IND – Induction loop module, comprising of an IL-EL42-2 induction coil. Complies with DDA requirements and the Equality Act 2010, the induction loop module can connect to the 4000 series audio amplifier modules and enables users who are hard of hearing to hear the conversation from the intercom panel.

4840 – Blanking module – stainless steel, for the 4000 series modular door panels.  Can be used as a space filler, to mount third part equipment to a panel or to allow future expansion of features to a panel.


  • A range of 4000 series accessory modules
  • 4846 information module used to display property details or operating instructions
  • 4846/UK panel mount proximity module to house third party readers
  • 4846/IND induction loop module for the hard of hearing
  • 4840 blanking module can be used to fill an empty module space or mount third party equipment
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4846 –

  • Window light voltage 12Vac or dc
  • Window light colour – Blue

4846/UK –

  • Fixing pillars 49mm square for third party proximity readers

4846/IND –

  • Input voltage – 13.8 – 14Vdc
  • Standby current – 800mA (approx.)
  • Maximum current – 2A
  • Field – up to 1m

4840 –

  • 4000 series blanking module



  • 4846 – Information module
  • 4846/UK – Information module without pcb
  • 4846/IND – induction loop module
  • 4840 – Blanking module

Suffix /M for the matt finish