3000 Series Audiophones (VX2300 System)

Videx offer a choice of two 3000 series audiophones designed specifically for the VX2300 digital system that are suitable for different types of application. Manufactured in white impact resistant ABS plastic, both models incorporate a 3 position call tone volume control and replaceable plug-in telephone handset cord.

The range includes the standard 3183 two button handset which has a lock release button and a spare dry contact service button.

The next model in the series is the 3181, which includes the same buttons as the 3183 model and also incorporates a sliding privacy ON/OFF switch, accompanied by a red privacy ON LED, allowing the user to switch the audiophone on or off when desired. The audiophone also includes a green door open LED.

Both models include a local door bell facility and an intercommunication call facility allowing audiophones in the same apartment or different apartments to communicate with one another (depending on the intercommunicating mode setup).

Induction coils may be fitted within the handset for the hard of hearing, and handsets can be desk mounted using the 3038 desk kit.


  • 2 optional 3000 audiophones for the VX2300 system
  • Manufactured from white ABS impact resistant plastics
  • 3 position call tone volume adjustment switch
  • Local bell facility
  • Intercommunication facility
  • Lock release button and spare service button
  • Incorporated door open LED (3181 only)
  • Sliding privacy ON/OFF switch (3181 only)
  • Incorporated privacy ON LED (3181 only)
  • Add induction coil to handset for the hard of hearing (if required)
  • Desk mountable using 3038 desk kit
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  • System – VX2300 digital
  • Material – White ABS plastic
  • Call tone volume adjustment – Yes, 3 levels (low, medium and high)
  • Lock release button – Yes
  • Lock release LED – Yes, green door open LED (3181 only)
  • Spare service button – Yes
  • Privacy ON/OFF switch – Yes (3181 only)
  • Privacy indication LED – Yes, red privacy ON LED (3181 only)
  • Intercommunication facility – Yes
  • Dimensions (mm) – 85 (W) x 218 (L) x 55 (D)
  • 3181 – 3000 series 2 button audiophone with privacy ON/OFF switch, including door open LED and privacy ON LED, for the VX2300 digital system
  • 3183 – 3000 series 2 button audiophone for the VX2300 digital system
  • 3038 – 3000 series (full base) audiophone desk kit

To incorporate an induction coil to the audiophone for the hard of hearing suffix /INDCOIL to the part code, e.g. 3183/INDCOIL