2313 Two Wire BUS Remote Relay

The 2313 is a 2 wire BUS remote relay module for use on Videx’s VX2300 digital system.

It has two onboard relays, RLY1 (NC1, NO1 and CO1) and RLY2 (NC2, NO2 and CO2) where relay 1 can be activated via the lock release button on the internal device and relay 2 can be activated via a spare service button on the internal device. Relay 1 can also be activated using the onboard PTE input (when connected to a push-to-make switch).

In addition for higher security applications, including installations in compliance with Secured by Design, the 2313 remote relay can be installed in a more secure location away from the entry panel.


  • 2 wire BUS connectivity, allowing for easy cabling installation
  • Connect the relay module anywhere along the 2 wire BUS
  • 2 dry contact relays RLY1 and RLY2
  • Switched 0V PTE input for relay
  • Programmable relay times
  • 1x switched 0V PTE input (for relay 1 only)
  • Secured by Design feature
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  • System: VX2300 digital 2 wire BUS system
  • Device type: Remote relay
  • Power supply: 32-35Vdc supplied by BUS
  • Relays: 2x dry contact relays RLY1 (NC1, NO1, CO1) and RLY2 (NC2, NO2, CO2), 5A @ 24Vac/dc max.
  • Inputs: BUS input (BUS1/BUS2), GND (0v), 1x PTE for RLY1 only (switched 0v)
  • Outputs: RLY1 and RLY2 (see above)
  • Programming: device ID setup (ID.1 – ID.15), relay activation times (2, 8, 16 Oor 32 seconds) – all via internal dip-switches
  • Housing: 5 module A type DIN box
  • Mounting: Surface wall mount or DIN rail
  • 2313 – 2 wire BUS remote relay module