New Vandal Resistant GSM Range

The new vandal resistant systems include many new advanced features making it more flexible then ever. Using mobile technology to communicate and operate doors, automatic gates, car parks and remote site applications, making it a perfect security solution for unmanned sites and communications outside of normal business hours.

It is available as part of the 4000 Series modular door entry system in a range of styles including surface and flush panels in 12 gauge 316 grade stainless steel, the VR120 vandal resistant range and custom panel sizes.  All vandal resistant panel variations can be engraved with legend or provided with back lit name plate windows. The system also provides optional proximity access control for up to 1,000 users.

GSM systems enable calls to be placed from an entrance point to any mobile or land line telephone. Entry can then be granted using the telephone keypad. Two key, innovative features of our new vandal resistant GSM system is that it can call up to 24 users, with a divert facility of up to three numbers if the others are engaged or unanswered, and up to 1,000 telephone numbers can be stored to take advantage of the ‘dial to open’ feature which enables callers to dial the intercom and release the door/gate without being charged for the call. Proximity access control is also an option and a voice annunciation and LCD display can also be connected if required which can then include scroll buttons to search for users via the screen.

GSM systems require minimum installation and setup time, allowing them to be installed in places which would be too difficult or too expensive to hard wire. There is no need for any cabling to telephone points as the system utilises the existing mobile network infrastructure, allowing calls to be made to anywhere in the world.

Systems can be installed in a very short space of time requiring only the mounting of the entrance panel, the connection to a power supply, antenna and gate or door releasing device. Our new system also comes with an event log that can record events that can be viewed using PC software.

Programming and maintenance of the user’s details, access control codes and fobs can all be controlled via SMS text messages and via a PC using a USB connection. The GSM system’s flexibility allows changes to be made remotely without the need to revisit the site. Dry contact relay output, additional switched 0V output, push to exit button input and auxiliary input are all available.


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