Rotheley House: Access Control Requirements

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Rotheley House

Rotheley House is a supported-living housing development in Hackney, London and is home to 11 residents. The residents each live in separate self-contained apartments and require different levels of support in living independent lives.

Safeguarding those who live there and also the support staff who work closely with the residents on a daily basis is a key priority therefore an appropriate access control system is critical. Managing access control into the main building and also into each of the dwellings is vital to ensuring the security and wellbeing of both residents and carers who enter, exit and live there.

Kevin Pearce, Deputy Area Manager, London & South East, at Advance Housing who runs the development, said: “As well as the safeguarding ability, we needed a system that provides certain residents with the freedom to grant access to people they know into the building and their home while at the same time keeping all of the flats within the development secure.”

Kevin continued: “We found the old system unreliable and what we really needed was a function that enabled residents and staff to see who was entering the building. The old system couldn’t do this as it was audio only but the new system is video led so you can see who is at your door and both staff and residents are able to accept or decline.”

“At the same time, we need a system that’s really easy to use and that was simple to install. It was also paramount that the chosen system could be changed or modified in the future – for example if a resident was to move out and someone else moved in with different needs and therefore different access control requirements. A bespoke, tailored system was what we needed which is why we chose the Videx system.”

The Videx system was fitted by Delta Security who has a lot of experience in housing association access control installations. For this specific installation, Delta hand picked engineers who had managed and worked on several housing association projects previously and were aware of the challenges and issues involved.

Key Benefits

  • The residents and staff can see and then admit or decline visitors.
  • It provides residents with freedom of choice in a supported living environment as they’re able to let friends and family in if they wish.
  • The fob entry system means that the system is really easy to activate and deactivate if needs be. For example, if a staff member leaves or loses their fob.
  • The system is bespoke which saves a lot of money as it can be modified in the future and there will be no need to install a new or different system if the requirements of the development change.

Videx and Delta Security provide ongoing support so that if any problems are encountered they can be easily and quickly fixed or rectified.

Client: Delta Security

Location: London

System: VX2200